Claire Gelder

Having spent most of my career in the NHS, in 2015 I left and started my own successful business, Wool Couture, you can find out all of about my journey right here.
Strategic Planning.
UX Designing
Revamp the existing content
Relevant image selection
Development of the website.
Adobe Photoshop
Client Review

“Very passionate about their work. I’m very happy with my website. I hope we will do more work together.”



Claire Gelder is an Entrepreneur founder of Wool Couture ties up Dream Dragon Investment. She is a successful lady entrepreneur. And she needs a website for increasing their online sales and presence.



Before this website she selling their products on other websites. But now she needs a website for showing their experience in wool Couture and selling their products through her own website.

But the challenging thing is third-party integrations and a 1-month timeline. So we defined priority for everyone and start working on it.


Our Approach

We develop a quality approach system with the GoldCrown labs team, working with them using design sprint methodologies.

This process helped us to identify the user journey for the hardest tasks on the platform, and allow us to work through design challenges together.

Then we used a collaborative approach with our team to create prototypes, wireframing, mockups, etc. Which helped us on achieving what we want.

The Result.

At the end of the month with the help of the Goldcrown Labs team, we create an online platform for a successful lady enterprenure. Where she can sell their own products. And also show their personality in front of all world. 

In this task, we faced many obstacles like less time period, complex third-party integration, and others. But in the end, we achieved what they want.