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“"The variety of rewards to choose from, including the option to donate the reward value, is a great way to make sure our participants are getting the type of reward they care about. It's a small detail, but goes a long way in showing our members that we care."

Ashley Bryan

Head of Customer Insights

"Sending research incentives through Tremendous has saved us at least 50 hours/month across everyone that conducts customer research."

Thereasa Roy

Head of Marketing

"The impact that I see Tremendous having on the research incentive process is best-in-class in terms of centralization, standardization, and optimization.I only wish there were other tools that could have the same impact on other parts of the research process!"

Graham Gardner

Community Board Member

"With Tremendous, our participants are always happy with several reward options, regardless of their location, and we're happy that creating, sending, and auditing our rewards is so fast and easy."

Jake Volz

Sr. User Research Manager

"We view Tremendous as an extension of our Customer Success team, providing our mutual customers with a best-in-class experience from onboarding and beyond."

Samantha Samuels

Head of Partnerships

“Previously, we purchased gift cards in bulk and the process to send codes to the advocates was very manual. With Tremendous, it's automated and requires a lot less maintenance!"

Sarah Shippen

Email Marketing Specialist

"Before Tremendous, I bought gift cards from individual retailers and tracked everything in Excel. It became a convoluted mess. Now I have a central location where I buy and track everything."

Candice Davis

Budget Assistant, Department of Mental Health

"Another thing that we like about Tremendous is the ability to send gift cards via text message. We didn't have this option with our old gift card provider. We have been using emails only, but now we are building a feature that will allow our panelists to get the gift cards through text messages."

Luba Avakova

Manager of Panel Operations